Inspiration from caseysue42

#sundoodling — I belonged and I didn’t/ something was wrong with me/ I was different and had no courage/ a voice said — keep your mind on the music– I drew Suns and listened to #dontcry by #gunsnroses –#ennui–Saturday night/ seashells/ bad conversations/ money everywhere/ #ennui– in a virginal logic of perfection i drew Suns on napkins– asked people if they needed something to drink and ate maraschino cherries– drinks after work–buds break with anguish/ separated like stars with one flesh/ I grew in logic exploring the curve of vision–verify by flight/ I drop to the earth– my eyes are useless– become a beam of light- like a sun– when they ask me to be religious — I give no answer– “beneath the vault of a selfless dream” and #oldsketchesifound “you’ll feel better tomorrow. In the morning light.” #oldphotos #nostalgia #useyourillusion1

Shoutout to caseysue42

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