#BlackLivesMatter: for.black.girls

Me .. Myself I don’t date out side my race not because I don’t like the other races, its just I’d rather stick with my race because I love my race .. and plus I don’t want a mix child .. NOT SAYING anything is wrong with mix kids, but thats just how I am, I’d rather have a full black baby, or something close to full black since we have alot genes in us .. but my Biggest problem with Interracial dating is how black men bash black women when they date white girls or anything besides black, they love to compare us when you can’t compare a white girl and a black girl or a mexican.. we are nothing alike nor do we look a like! SO with that being said , I don’t care if a black guy finds love within a white woman nor do I care if a black woman fell in love with a white man just don’t run a black womans name in the dirt while you do it .. but I support black love .. I don’t look at no other race but mine .. WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS??

#Blackteens #Blackwomen #BlackLove #BlackgirlsRock #Blackgirls #Power #BlackPower #Blackqueens #Women #Blackprincesses #Beautiful #Darkskin #Lightskin #Love #Peace #Brownskin #Winning #Naturalgirls #Natural #🍫 #flexinmycomplexion #girls #dark #light #brown #Melanin #MelaninPopsSeverly #melaninpops

Shoutout to for.black.girls

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