Motivation from altonwalker

In today’s “One Gentleman’s Response,” we have a question that people ask me offline and online. “Why aren’t there more nice guys like you?” First, I’m not a “nice” guy; I’m simply a guy conscious of his mistakes. As her husband, I must maintain the integrity of my vows. There are “guys like me,” but you undermine the laws of attraction.

This involves the importance of the energy that you emit and attract. Generally, we emit signals that’ll attract certain types of people. Yes, there’s a saying that opposites attract.

However, that’s only one perspective. Sometimes, your energy will bring forth the man of your dreams, but he’s missing a thing or two from your checklist. Perhaps he’s not 6’4, or he doesn’t have a chiseled physique, so you “dismiss” him.

Interestingly, even if someone meets all of the superficial checklist items, it doesn’t make him a “good man.” Nonetheless, you walked away from a future king because he came clothed in the “rags” of a servant.

However, when the servant came clothed in the robes of a king, your eyes lit up. When I met my wife, I was that servant waiting to be a king, but she didn’t just see me as a “peasant.” She saw the “king” in me, but I was still under construction. Are you willing to take a journey with a work-in-progress? ↪Tag a friend to read this, and share my perspective all throughout social media. It only requires one to effect change.↩ #quotestags #quotestagram #lifegoals #dailyquotes #interraciallove #wordporn #interracial #positivethinking #encourage #filipina #positivemind #goodvibesonly #thefeels #advice #lovequote #girlproblems #beinspired #vscophilippines #relationshipquotes #writersofinstagram#truewords #lifelesson #lifechanging#strongissexy #write #maturity #encouragement #quotesoftheday #positivethoughts

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