#BlackLivesMatter: freedom_faction

I mentioned this fact when I had Pastor Scott Hinton on my podcast the other day.

When we see this kind of behavior, open acknowledgment of demons or at least full blown immersion into multiple personality disorder, these people willingly allow themselves to be possessed.

What does that mean for the people who are willingly following this possession? It’s a deception as well, because they’ll stand & protect the idolatry of their deity I.E. These celebrities.

I cover this and more in my Episode 209: Celebrity Killers w/ Pastor Hinton which will be available on my website to download & YouTube for free streaming Friday morning.

We cover a number of things such as Transhumanism, the Satanic Illuminati and prophecy that is unfolding around is. #FreedomFaction

#SashaFierce #Beyonce #DemonicPossession #SatanicIlluminati #Killuminati #BiblicalProphecy #Prophecy #SatanicSuperBowl #HalfTimeShow #IlluminatiAgenda #GlobalCitizen #ConsciousMedia #AlternativeNews #ExplainThisToMe #ExposeLies #ShareTruth

Shoutout to freedom_faction

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