#BlackLivesMatter: cop_block_us

Looking for #justice? Get a blue finger! American police are ‘adorable’! Look at the “sign” they continue to attack #Beyoncé for her #Superbowl performance with.
Cops are always pictures as easily hurt and very respectful heroes whose only goal is to protect us from the evil. Well, their real face is not that attractive. Or should I say their finger?

Leading a troupe of female dancers dressed in Panther-style attire, Beyoncé performed a version of her new track “Formation,” which has been described as a “Black Lives Matter” anthem. Following the performance one of the backup dancers held up a sign with the handwritten inscription, #Justice4MarioWoods.
Woods, 26, was fatally shot by San Francisco Police last December. The released footage shows that he was not dangerous for cops. He was shot at least 19 times in the space of 3 seconds by the cops in firing squad posture for THE ATTEMPT TO WALK AWAY. Doesn’t Mario deserve justice? If you think he does, be ready to get a police state finger.
#copblockus #cop #copblock #police #StopPolice #policebrutality #policeviolence #alllivesmatter #wordofmouthrevolution #USA #America #copnews #politics #policestate #democracy

Shoutout to cop_block_us

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