#BlackLivesMatter: 1xcentric

Repost from @malcolmjamalwar – I had a really great night interacting w my peoples on Twitter & FB tonight. I wouldn’t allow myself to get angry over the uber bullshit backlash Beyonce is receiving for her Superbowl performance. I’ve been trying to sit with my feelings regarding the poisoning of the people of Flint. Maybe my plane ride reading Ta-Nehisi Coates “Between The World and Me” has me a little sensitive. But getting hit with this Tamir Rice headline made my heart heavy with rage, frustration, and then sadness. I have been shedding tears over this for the last 10 min. For Tamir. For his family. For the sleepless nights black parents have when their black kids are out at night. For the strength and resilience with which we as black ppl are forced everyday to arm ourselves as we live in a country that was literally built on our backs and still regards us as insignificantly expendable. For the black ppl who had no choice but to drink the Kool-Aid and have bought into that conditioning. For those who still can’t acknowledge the necessity for the movement. For the white ppl who are too stubborn, ignorant, blind, or fearful to really understand their white privilege and the system of oppression called racism. For the white ppl who understand but are too fearful to stand against the injustices against black ppl. And for the ppl, black, white, & everybody in between who throw themselves in the mix to make change, but sometimes feel dismayed. Your work will not be in vain. May God Bless us all w the strength and fortitude to fight even harder against these injustices so that we can truly live in a world ruled by love. I’m too sad tonight for my normal Fuck You to those who refuse to get it. -Malcolm Jamal Warner

Shoutout to 1xcentric

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