#BlackLivesMatter: equityall

So I know there’s been a lot of discussions on Noma Dumezweni playing Hermione in The Cursed Child -and most of it is complete bs racism- but I also think Hermione was not a Black woman after all. Think of it: The English folks were colonists in India and they had control over the cotton industry. Many Indians were taken as slaves. And to this day, there are a lot of Indian people who are born and raised in Great Britain, just like their parents, and their parents before them. I think it is pretty convenient for Hermione Granger to be the daughter of two Indian dentists. But there’s something even better: Can you imagine a Hermione that has been raised by parents who still live by their culture? That would mean Hermione was either Hindu or Muslimah, which would make it even better. I am very glad that Noma Dumezweni has been cast to portray Hermione as a woman of color, but I would really like to see an Indian Hermione that wears her traditional clothing during her wedding and fights with racism in AND out of the wizarding world in the future remakes of Harry Potter. Nevertheless, I do hope to watch Numa as a Black Hermione. Also, Harry as a Black man would be very nice to see either.

#harrypotter #hermionegranger #hermione #nomadumezweni #thecursedchild #prisonerofazkaban #poa #feminist #feminism #womanist #womanism #woc #poc #love #notinmyname #blm #saga #lgbt #equity #equality

Shoutout to equityall

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